DAABON 有機即溶咖啡 オ-ガニックマウンテン有機インスタントコーヒ- ORGANIC FREEZE DRIED INSTANT COFFEE 100G



☕哥倫比亞阿拉比卡有機咖啡豆 ☕100% 手工採摘 ☕豐富而高品質的香味 ☕味道溫和,酸度恰到好處 ☕適合飲用,也適合製作麵包和糖果 ☕有機JAS認証 ☕Organic columbia coffee bean コロンビア産アラビカ種の有機コーヒー生豆のみ ☕100% hand ground beans 100%手摘みの豆 ☕Rich aroma scent with mild flavor acidity 芳醇で上質な香りに、ほど良い酸味でマイルドな味わいを生み出します ☕Suitable for drinking and baking 飲用だけでなく、パンやお菓子づくりにも最適です ☕JAS Certified 有機JAS認証 ☕Rainforest Alliance Certified レインフォレスト・アライアンス認証





聖瑪爾塔的內華達山脈是在海邊聳立的山峰。這裡的咖啡種植可以追溯到 19 世紀末。咖啡的收穫時間為 10 月底至 3 月底,其特點是熟成變化不大。該地區夏季漫長,不太可能發生蟲害。除了得天獨厚的氣候外,清澈的山水和肥沃的土壤還生長著溫和、芳香的有機咖啡。



DAABON在聖瑪爾塔內華達山脈的高地擁有一個有機 JAS 和雨林聯盟認證的種植園。DAABON還支持土著社區種植有機咖啡,並供應各種經過認證的生咖啡豆。


哥倫比亞全國立咖啡生產者協會 (FNC) 合作】

FNC 由生產商自己建立和運營,作為代表哥倫比亞超過 500,000 家咖啡生產商的組織。FNC以提高咖啡豆質量和改善生產者生活為主要目的開展各種活動。這個標誌證明它是由 FNC 批准的 100% 哥倫比亞咖啡製成的高品質產品。<br>由 100% 來自哥倫比亞的有機有機阿拉比卡咖啡豆製成的即溶咖啡,與 FNC 合作交付,多年來一直受到許多人的喜愛。




Daabon coffee is made with 100% hand ground beans. We are not only focusing on the flavour, but we also focus on behind the story of our products.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest coastal range mountain in the world. Daabon started cultivating Coffee back to the 19 centuries by using the weather and landscape of Colombia.

Harvest season of coffee beans is from the end of October to March, and there is no big difference of aging depending on the harvest season. It is because the area where we harvest Coffee is the place where not so many pest diseases are happened.

Compared to other coffee beans harvested in Colombia, the one from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta has a big beans shape and aroma scent. 
The melted water from the mountain and snow makes acidity, taste and scent of coffee stronger. We only use ripe beans which was harvested in the shade and washed with water. Our coffee has acidity and mild taste.